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The Armed Citizen® Oct. 23, 2023

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Two armed men posing as maintenance workers for a Dallas, Texas, apartment complex attempted to break into one of the units, which was occupied by a resident armed and willing to defend his family and property.

Around 6 p.m. on Aug. 19, 2023, one of the suspects knocked on the resident’s door, claiming to be from the apartment’s maintenance staff. The resident responded through a doorbell camera, stating that he wasn’t home, even though he was inside the unit. The maintenance worker left and returned shortly afterward with an accomplice and kicked down the unit’s front door.

The resident saw that one of the suspects was armed with a handgun, and he opened fire, forcing the two suspects to flee. “Everything happened, I guess you could say, in God’s favor,” the victim said. “I protected my family, and he was just being a dummy trying to come to my house and get whatever.” Police arrested one of the suspects three days later, and he faces charges of aggravated assault, deadly conduct and attempted burglary of a habitation. (8ABC; Dallas, Texas; 8/19/23)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives – December 1976

Armando Chavez and Refugio Arellano of Clint, Texas, were dove hunting when they saw two men entering an acquaintance’s house. Knowing the owner was away, they called the sheriff’s office and blocked the exits until authorities arrived. (The Herald Post; El Paso, Texas)

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