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The Armed Citizen® September 23, 2022

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When a masked would-be robber wielding a rifle entered a liquor store in Norco, Calif., during the early morning hours of Sunday, July 31, he probably thought he had the upper hand. The 80-year-old liquor-store owner, however, who was both attentive and prepared, immediately responded to the attack with a shotgun blast. The robber ran out of the store, screaming to his counterparts in and around a getaway car that the owner had “shot his arm off.” Four suspects, including another armed man who had gotten out of the SUV, jumped into the vehicle and fled. The suspects were later apprehended at the hospital in the stolen SUV. The liquor store owner unfortunately suffered a heart attack after the incident, but recovered. The sheriff’s office confirmed the store owner was legally armed and acting in self-defense. (abc7.com, Los Angeles, Calif., 08/02/2022)

A man in his 80s was reportedly out walking his dog in the early morning hours of June 5 in East Memphis, Tenn., when he spotted three men exit a vehicle and run toward his neighbor’s home. The man asked the three what they were doing, and the suspects reportedly began shooting at him. He returned fire, striking at least one of the men. Officers found the wounded man and another man at the scene when they arrived, one of whom admitted they were breaking into vehicles and robbing them. Police charged one suspect with aggravated assault and theft of property and will charge the other if he survives his wound. The status of the third suspect was not reported, but the investigation was ongoing. (wreg.com, Memphis, Tenn., 6/5/22)

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