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The Ultimate Gun Guy Character: Bob Lee Swagger

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Stephen Hunter, the thriller writer of the Bob Lee Swagger series and more, the Pulitzer Prize-winning movie critic and the all-around gun guy, writes for the America’s 1st Freedom. As he worked for The Washington Post—a publication in which junior editors affectionately nicknamed him “Crazy Uncle Steve”—and had major Hollywood projects done on his books, Hunter is a writer with a unique perspective, as perhaps no other contemporary writer with his background also knows guns.

So we had to ask him how he created Bob Lee Swagger and how he managed to get this hardboiled character to transcend cancel culture and make it mainstream. He wrote an essay for us on this topic. Now he succumbed to a video interview on the topic. It is a must-watch for anyone who writes and for anyone who wants to really understand the myth of the American hero, such as this ideal is today.


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