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Useful Idiot David Hogg & Armed Black Panthers Caught Campaigning With Stacey Abrams Week Before Election Day

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While reporting on a Stacey Abrams campaign event in Atlanta, Georgia last week, investigative journalist Laura Loomer busted gun grabbing zealot David Hogg as he was “getting out the vote”. When Loomer confronted Hogg about what he was doing at the event for Abrams, who has called for the AR-15 to be banned, Hogg denied being there for Abrams, and made an effort to dodge all of Loomer’s questions.

The video reveals the following exchange:

LOOMER: “Can you tell me a little bit about your Get Out The Vote Initiative?”

Handler/NPC: “Don’t you have something else to do?”

LOOMER: “What?”

Handler/NPC: “What are you doing today?”

LOOMER: “Oh, I was just asking you guys some questions about who you were working with ’cause it looks likes you’re working with the Stacy Abrams Campaign.”

Handler/NPC2: “No. We’re just out here doing an event next door…”

Handler/NPC: “Yeah. We’re doing an event next door. Not related at all.”

LOOMER: “How is it not related? You’re right next to her motorcade. What’s your name? I mean, it just doesn’t seem very transparent that you’re, you know, hiding the fact you’re doing Get Out The Vote with Stacey Abrams. How’s your book tour going along? Do you plan on giving any of the monies to the family members of the actual victims who died in the shooting or are you having fun? You know, making money off of dead victims David? I see you’re campaigning with Stacey Abrams.”

Handler/NPC: “Thank you.”

LOOMER: “Do you plan on giving any of the money to the Pollack family? I know that you wouldn’t let them speak at your event.”

At that point, Hoggs’ handlers are heard yelling at Loomer, “You’re right on top of him, you’re right on top of him!”

What this video reveals is a strong lack of transparency and hypocrisy being displayed by both Hogg and the Abrams campaign.

Hogg claims he wasn’t stumping at an Abrams event, when the video clearly shows otherwise. The Left’s post-Parkland darling, self proclaimed Second Amendment “expert”, and gun control zealot whose entire schtick and persona has been leveraged on the corpses of his classmates is clearly campaigning for anti-gun Stacey Abrams in Georgia.

Although Democrat candidates like Abrams are using people like Hogg to gather support for anti-Second Amendment policies their actions are having the opposite effect. Since the Parkland school shooting, NRA memberships and gun sales in America have soared.

Through Hogg, his Deep State handlers and people like Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum, the Democrats have been intent on allowing a few students who were not even victims themselves to serve as the match that torches our Second Amendment. Ironically, Hogg, through all of his pandering and perpetual state of victimhood, has not been very successful in his unconstitutional crusade.

Georgia, as a deep South state, is extremely pro-Second Amendment. Hiding the Hogg to Get Out The Vote is an affront to voters everywhere, and a slap in the face of Georgia voters, who don’t cotton to this type of shenanigans and hogwash.

Humorously, just days after Hogg was spotted on the campaign trail with Abrams, multiple armed members of the radical Black Panther Party were caught on camera with Stacey Abrams signs at the polls campaigning for Abrams, in what many are calling an act of racially motivated anti-white voter intimidation.

Abrams has called for a complete ban of the AR-15. David Hogg has also called for restrictive gun control. However, the black Panthers have expressed their support for the Second Amendment, which further reveals the dysfunctional state of the Abrams campaign.

David Hogg was unavailable to comment on how he feels about the presence of armed Black Panther members campaigning for Stacey Abrams at the polls.


Article by Laura Loomer


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