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Virginia: Senate Committee Hearing Gun Ban

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On February 17th, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear House Bill 961, the crown jewel of the Northam-Bloomberg gun ban agenda. HB 961 previously passed the House of Delegates on February 11th. Please contact committee members and ask them to OPPOSE HB 961.

House Bill 961, as amended, is a comprehensive ban on many commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms, suppressors, and standard capacity magazines. Though the committee amended the bill to allow citizens to keep currently owned firearms and suppressors, confiscation is undoubtedly still the end goal. There is no option for citizens to keep their lawfully acquired magazines with capacities greater than twelve rounds, forcing millions of Virginians to dispose of their property, become a criminal, or surrender them to the government.

Again, please click the “Take Action” button above to contact committee members and ask them to OPPOSE HB 961.

Article by NRA-ILA

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