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Virginia Session Begins with a Slew of Anti-Gun Bills

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Today, January 10th, the Virginia Legislature begins the 2024 session. Anti-gun legislators gained control in the Virginia General Assembly last election cycle and are beginning their assault on the Second Amendment.

Below are just are some lowlights of anti-gun legislation already introduced this session:

  • Bans commonly owned firearms and places arbitrary limits on magazine capacity (HB 2 & SB 2)
  • Prohibits the lawful concealed carrying of a firearm onto the premises of any restaurant that serves alcohol (SB 57)
  • Creates additional civil liability for firearm industry members by allowing the Attorney General and county attorneys to bring a public nuisance action against them (HB 318)
  • Removes NRA certifications and training certificates as acceptable courses to satisfy firearm training and education requirements (HB 319)

PLEASE contact your lawmakers and request they oppose any and all anti-gun measures that would place restrictive and burdensome requirements on Virginia’s law-abiding gun owners, manufacturers, and outdoor enthusiasts. 

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