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Watch this Guy take out a target at 300 meters… with a Glock Handgun

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Think handguns are only for close range? Think again. Instructor Zero engages several targets, including one at 300 meters with a Glock 17 9mm handgun.

Most responsible gun owners are aware of the fact that if they miss their target, they are responsible for whatever and whomever that bullet hits downrange. I spoke about this when I covered the shooting that took place at the Empire State Building back in 2012, where two New York Police Officers not only shot a gunman, but also nine innocent bystanders as well.

Zero’s point is to demonstrate how much of an effect a bullet has should you miss your target. He also take the opportunity to demonstrate how the handgun can be used in order to provide cover fire.

So what happened? One the first two targets, which were placed at 130 meters and 200 meters, Zero did very well, hitting each target multiple times.

Consider there was fair amount of wind.

At 300 meters, he hit the target four times with less than 40 rounds.

Consider that a meter equals roughly 3.28 feet. A recent shot from Sgt. Adam Johnson of the Austin Police Department was said to be taken from 104 yards away, with one hand while holding the reins of two horses. Johnson brought down an active shooter with that shot.

Zero’s final shots were from nearly three times that distance in the wind.

Watch and be impressed, but also keep in mind that when you use your weapon, make sure you hit your target and that nothing that you want to destroy is downrange.

If that impressed you, then you will be amazed at this 1000 yard shot by Jerry Miculek.


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