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When It Comes To Guns Business Advocacy Should Cut Both Ways

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Why is it that it’s perfectly OK for a company like Levi Strauss to donate millions in the name of gun safety, but when a football team and a casino embark on a partnership, that’s bad business?

Gun control advocates all stood by and applauded when Levi’s got on their side, and they scoffed at Second Amendment supporters for expressing disdain that an American company would so blatantly go against this country’s core values. But when the Jets and MGM teamed up, the other side went so far as to hire a plane carrying a banner that said “Shame on Jets/MGM. #Stopgunviolence” to fly over the stadium hours before a home game.

They say their outrage is justified. After all, MGM sued the victims and survivors of the Las Vegas shooting, saying the hotel shouldn’t be held liable for the act of violence of one person who was staying there. Seems the anti-gunners just can’t wrap their heads around the notion of not having someone to blame after a tragedy, and since the gunman died, well, they have to sue someone.

And the anger is misplaced. MGM wasn’t looking to financially punish the victims. As a matter of fact, the company has since backed off its lawsuit and is working on a settlement, according to news reports.

But the gun control folks have no forgiveness for anyone or anything that seems to have an opinion that opposes their own.

“New York’s about people and gun control is about keeping people alive,” New York state senator Jessica Ramos tweeted. “@MGMResortsIntl is unconscionably suing shooting victims and just doesn’t get it, so they’re not welcomed here.”

Yet another case of the adamant Left stepping on every conceivable right they can in any effort to block anything even associated with firearms.

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