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White House & Talking Heads Discuss Obama’s Treason as if it were Law

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This article first appeared at Freedom Outpost, written by Suzanne Hamner

“The wind began to switch — the house to pitch and suddenly the hinges started to unhitch. Just then the Snitch — to satisfy an itch, went lying to the press club, schlumping for Ms. Lynch.” (Sing to the tune of The Wizard of Oz “Munchkin Land”)

Yes, Josh Earnest, the mouthpiece for the lying criminal traitor Obama, paraded out on Monday night to inform the lamestream enemedia that Hussein Soetoro would announce his unlawful, illegal, unconstitutional gun grabbing agenda on Tuesday. It’s common knowledge at this point that Hussein Soetoro will expose his plan for infringing further on the Second Amendment. But, what really stuck out worse than a “goose egg” on a forehead was the statement made by the administration, aka Hussein Soetoro, and relayed by Josh Earnest, aka “the Snitch.” “White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, said the administration anticipates that the gun lobby will have a ‘creative legal theory’ to oppose the actions.”

Not sure about anyone else, but this continued condescending, patronizing, pious, arrogant attitude exuded by the lying, criminal, unlawful, ineligible to hold office, traitor Hussein Soetoro towards the citizens of this nation is a disgraceful, disrespectful, and discourteous way to behave when one sits in the Oval Office. Any left liberal/illiberal, communist, criminal supporting dweeb can “kiss my grits” when the Muslim baboon receives in kind what “it” dishes out. And, these same nitwits can “talk to the hand” when criticizing someone who isn’t a “constitutional lawyer” since their “baboon’s backside” has one sitting in the People’s House, who wouldn’t know a “habeas corpus” from the “establishment clause.” Oh, they can get over quotation marks too.

For the love of Pete, what in the h-e-double hockey sticks is “creative legal theory” when referencing the Second Amendment? One wonders if English is their first language. But, English is their first language. All of this amounts to nothing but tyrannical, despotic, traitorous actions.

Earnest stated after the “creative legal theory” statement, “That’s why the president wants to be sure that the recommendations he has received and the executive actions that he carries out are going to stand up in a court of law. A lot of work that has gone on has been to ensure that we would have confidence in the legal basis of these actions.”

This guy is good. Seriously. Pinocchio is envious of this guy. These people have checked zippo, nada, zilch, zero, nothing! And work? What work? It couldn’t have been much as Soetoro Soebarkah and the Squatch were too busy flinging through the jungle in Hawaii, than doing a big nothing in the 24-36 hours he’s been back. It doesn’t take much to have confidence in unconstitutional, illegal, unlawful executive actions standing the legal test when the courts are stacked with “Soetoro Soebarkah bootlickers.”

It’s no stretch to say that Hussein Obama threw out the Constitution some time back, initiating a dictatorship in this nation without one, count them zero, shred of resistance. That is bad. What is worse is supposed constitutional lawyers and former Attorney Generals speculating on the actions withstanding a legal action as though no usurpation has occurred.

When did all these people take an oath to lick Hussein Obama’s boots, kiss his baboon backside, act like a scarecrow, and do the 1940s Nazi Germany people’s interpretation of a “whirling dervish?”

John G. Malcolm, former deputy assistant US Attorney General who is now with the Heritage Foundation, spoke about what Obama could do with ATF statutes as though the ATF is a constitutional agency.

“Obama could ask the ATF to clarify the statute,” he said. “If he wants to expand the definition of businesses of the firearms dealer, it depends on how he would do that. It would have to be licensing subject to the regulatory framework under statute. If the action effectively changes what it means to be a firearms dealer, he can’t rewrite the federal statute.”

Bull manure. At this point, Hussein Soetoro could commit murder in the center of Washington, DC, rob the gold reserves in New York City, burn down the capitol building on Capitol Hill, and these bat-guano-filled traitors would applaud enthusiastically as Nancy Pelosi rush to get her “Kathleen Sebelius” on with Hussein. These ding bats must have a thing about flies on lips.

Batting next on all of this is another professor of constitutional law. David Kopel, adjunct professor of advanced constitutional law at Denver University and research director at the Independence Institute, told the Blaze, “There are a few statements about proposed regulations. Whether the regulations are lawful depends on whether they are consistent with the text of the statutes enacted by Congress. Regulations can add detail to the gray areas in a statute, but they can’t contradict the statute. So, until the regulations are actually published, it is impossible to say whether they are lawful or not.”

There you have it from another constitutional law professor, advanced constitutional law at that, who is addressing already unconstitutional law instead of recognizing all of these laws, executive actions, and statutes are in violation of the Second Amendment. An advanced constitutional law professor, who is a research director at the Independence Institute, has not one clue about what is constitutional nor about independence whatsoever.

Kopel added to Malcolm’s statements on Hussein Soetoro’s “actions” withstanding court scrutiny, “If the regulations are challenged in court, as expected, the process will play a big role in how defensible the law is.”

“Further, for presidential candidates to pledge to instantly undo the executive action is not the most reliable promise,” Kopel continued. “If they go through the normal process of doing this, put it in the Federal Registry, allow public comment, and respond to the comment, that will take a few months, it will be very tough to challenge. For the next president to undo, it would take months to undo because it would go through the same process.”

“But, the Obama administration could make matters more difficult for itself,” he continued. “If the administration comes up with a new interpretation, it will be a lot harder to hold up.”

If you have ever seen Jeff Dunham‘s ventriloquist show, you are well acquainted with characters “Peanut” and “Walter.” Peanut’s hand would run over his head as he made a “zoom” sound while Walter would utter “dumb***” at Kopel’s remarks, especially with Kopel’s resume. Any opposition to Hussein Soetoro’s actions would cause the traitor to pitch a hissy fit and pull an “Ahckmed.” Unfortunately, Hussein Soetoro wouldn’t blow himself up.

In the cast of characters emulated by this ragtag group of usurping traitors, the only one missing is Toto. It was something suspected all along; Toto ended up with all the brains. Toto knows it’s time to “get out of Oz” as gun confiscation is on the way.

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