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How Wildlife is Thriving Because of Guns & Hunting

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It will sound pretty strange to mention that how wildlife is flourishing because of the guns, ammunition and hunting. Yes, it is a fact that the hunters, shooters, and the firearm industry contributed to a noticeable level in conservation and America’s wildlife betterment.

How is that possible?

There really are important aspects to discuss as it is about the wildlife benefits made possible only due to the hunters, firearms, and ammunition.

I’ve presented the most important facts and figures in this guide, that will surely explain how all that got possible. So do not miss out on the guide.

How is wildlife flourishing because of the guns, ammo, hunters, and target shooters?

The stats show an interesting array of the facts and figures. You will be surprised to know that what was the population of a few species in the past and what is the number now.

The number of populations is just replicated. The species include whitetail deer, ducks, waterfowl, mountain elk, wild turkeys and pronghorn antelopes. Just check how these all species got increased in number by the hunting activities.

So, if you want to have more knowledge about the real time facts and figures, you must check out the NSSF’s infographic that contains all of the necessary information in a well-arranged manner for you.


So, this is how the wildlife is flourishing because of the guns, ammo, hunters, and target shooters.

And you will be shocked to know the annual revenue USA earn from ammunition, gun and its accessories like Shooting Bipods, gun magazines, etc.. mentioned here on HuntingMark.com.

The annual revenue is $13.5 billion.

Article by Jessica Kelly

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