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Winchester Model 70 Long Range MB

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The Winchester Repeating Arms Model 70 has earned the reputation for being the “Rifleman’s Rifle” and has been improved with qualities that both progressive and purist shooters can get behind. Its design dates back to the early part of the 20th century, and this controlled-round-feed action soldiers on today for good reason. Watch the video above to see a modern Model 70 built for long-distance targets.

man wearing gray shirt ballcap earmuffs holding standing shooting bolt-action rifle Wincehster Model 70 Long Range MB white shooting range

The bolt-action Model 70 Long Range MB is not a lightweight hunting rifle. Rather, it is designed and built for long-range targets and contains the parts, pieces and construction conducive for such pursuits. Whether its with .22-250 Rem. on distant vermin or 6.8 Western on mid-range bugling elk, the Model 70 Long Range MB is available in many of today’s popular short-action cartridges.

left-side view Winchester Model 70 Long Range MB bolt-action rifle brown stock black metal gun

Regardless of chambering, Winchester includes a 24” barrel that is matte blued and fluted. Further enhancing accuracy is the free-floating barrel and bedding system within the custom Bell and Carlson Extreme Weather stock, a hand-laid unit that is built of composite materials. The stock’s design features a wide fore-end and flat bottom that is made to ride across benchrest bags with ease.

metal steel cylinder rifle barrel gun holes round NRA GUN OF THE WEEK text on image

Through and through, the Model 70 Long Range MB provides top-tier components that, in sum, create a capable and fun rifle to shoot. On the range, our testers fired shots from the bench and offhand positions and found the rifle excels at both. Though detachable box magazines are popular today, the gun’s hinged floorplate and four-round magazine is sufficient for most tasks. We found the gun’s adjustable trigger conducive for making tight clusters on target, even in its factory setting.

ManufacturerWinchester Repeating Arms
Action Type: bolt-action, centerfire, repeating rifle
Receiver: carbon steel, matte-blue finish
Barrel: 24″ steel, polished chamber, matte-blue finish
Trigger: MOA adjustable
Magazine: hinged floorplate, four-round-capacity internal box
Sights: none; drilled-and-tapped
Stock: Bell & Carlson Extreme Weather hand-laid composite
Overall Length: 44″
Weight: 7 lbs., 8 ozs.
MSRP: $1,610


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