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Wyoming: Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Self-Defense Expansion Legislation

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On Friday, the Wyoming Senate passed Senate File 67 by a 25 to 4 vote, sending the pro-gun measure to the House for further consideration.  Today, the House Judiciary Committee passed emergency powers legislation, Senate File 155, sending the measure to the full House for consideration.  Your State Representative needs to hear your support now!

Senate File 67 greatly enhances Wyoming residents’ right to self-defense by expanding the list of locations that law-abiding individuals are able to carry.  Further, SF 67 makes it clear that only the State Legislature has the power to regulate firearms, weapons, and ammunition, preventing localities from enacting a patchwork of gun control ordinances across the state.

Senate File 155 provides protections for gun stores, ranges, or any other entities that engage in the lawful selling or servicing of firearms, components, or accessories. SF 155 also prevents the prohibition, regulation, or seizure of citizens’ Second Amendment rights during a declared State of Emergency.

Article by NRA-ILA

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