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Alabama: Falling Behind in Second Amendment Rights

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Alabama lawmakers have not passed a single piece of pro-gun legislation in six years. Other states are enthusiastically passing a variety of bills to protect and advance Second Amendment rights for the benefit of law-abiding citizens. Just this year, legislatures in Montana, Tennessee, Iowa, and Utah have passed constitutional/permitless carry bills. Recently, Georgia passed a bill to recognize carry permits from all states, and to also ensure that Second Amendment rights remain protected during a state of emergency.

While other states move pro-gun bills, Alabama lets them sit or plays games with them. Alabama has an opportunity this year to break this six-year hiatus by passing a modest bill to create the option of a statewide lifetime carry permit, but lawmakers remain determined to cower to the sheriffs and protect their revenue stream, rather than serve the people. Even during a pandemic with historic economic uncertainty, some members of both the House and Senate are seeking to raise the cost of the lifetime carry permit over the $200 in the original versions of the bills. They continue to ask the NRA to agree to $300, $350, and even $500!

Understand – NRA OPPOSES any fee over the previously established $200!

Please click the “Take Action” button below to contact your legislators and DEMAND they represent you, and not just your sheriff. While you’re at it, contact your local sheriff and tell them to back-off. Your rights are not for rent!

Article by NRA-ILA

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