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There may be no rush to get a Highway Patrolman, but I suspect that whenever you do, you will be glad you did.

The pistol is everything good about the 92 with a whole lot enhanced and some gaps addressed.

The Auto-Ordnance “Bonnie and Clyde” Thompson gives today’s shooter a chance to own a custom piece of American history, and experience legendary shooting performance with every trip to the range!

CMMG’s 2019 product line designations are designed to be straightforward and intuitive.

If people desire small arms, their desires will be met by improvised and craft-production.  If they do not want small arms, no controls are necessary. The arms produced may not be the most sophisticated weapons. They are sufficient for criminal activities. 

Emir Faisal gave this Short, Magazine Lee-Enfield, Mk III (below), to T.E. Lawrence after it had been captured by the Turks at Gallipoli. It was engraved with “Part of our booty in the battles for the Dardanelles” before being presented to Faisal by Turkish leader Enver Pasha. Lawrence subsequently presented

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the entire process is that it requires no machining or gunsmithing skills on the part of the builder.

Here are just five of the many reasons why a Mini Ranch, Tactical, Target or Thirty model should be on your short list the next time you shop for a modern rifle.

With a retail price of $7,500, the FK Field Pistol is not a handgun for everyone. Still, its unique and interesting design elements, and ballistic potential, make it unlike most other handguns. It is a head-turner at the range, a performer in the field and a worthwhile addition to any serious handgun collection.

The 429 DE pistol (DE429SRMB) features a stainless steel slide, a stainless steel frame with Picatinny bottom rail, and a 6″ stainless steel barrel with integral muzzle brake and black appointments. The pistol ships with a .50AE 7-round magazine and has an MSRP of $2,143.