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Cop Draws Gun on Man for Filming: “You Some Kind of Constitutionalist Crazy Guy?”

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The APB has been put out. So-called constitutionalists, sovereign citizens, patriots and anyone else lumped into the ‘dissident’ category are under watch and preemptive suspicion. Even speaking back or mouthing off shows the kind of anti-authoritarian spirit that is being targeted.

Such was the case in a tense stand off in an a neighborhood that was deceivingly quiet and tranquil.

What seemingly began with an officer driving to the end of a cul-de-sac ended up in an incident with a resident there by chance, in what the public safety officer from Rohnert Parkin, in California’s Bay Area, said started with the man filming him with an iPhone:

‘You taking a picture of me. I am taking a picture of you.’

The officer has now been put on administration leave, pending further investigation.

According to the Daily Mail:

The footage shows a Rohnert Park public safety officer driving toward Don McComas and stopping outside his home as he is filming.

The officer looks like he jokingly starts to film him back before getting out of the police vehicle and telling McComas to take his hand out of his pocket.

A tense stand-off, lasting several minutes begins as McComas refuses, saying ‘I’ve done nothing’.

The officer can then be seen removing his gun from his holster and speaking into his radio as McComas says, ‘Put your gun down, really?’


The exchange goes on for a while with the officer asking McComas: Why are you doing this?’ to which McComas responds: ‘Why are you sitting here with your gun on me? This is why I am doing this. To protect myself from you.’

Will we soon hear about how the police officer “feared for his life” and felt compelled to pull his weapon?

He was walking into a dangerous situation with a man in an upscale neighbor was filming from his driveway with a cellphone… after all.

…And the citizen copped an attitude… and said stuff. At that point he became suspicious that the man could be a constitutionalist crazy guy. You know, a would be mass shooter assassin in the making, just like on TV.

Luckily, there was no real action. But the entire incident is a bad charade in an already overblown drama about police abuses of all kinds that have claimed lives, ruined families and trampled rights.

Black, white, old, young, etc., the American people have been unfairly targeted with suspicion.

Never forget – in the foggy era of ‘no hesitation’ police shooting – that Homeland Security was caught purchasing law enforcement training targets that included pregnant women, young children and senior citizens – all of whom are armed or appear armed, presumably facing off with police invading into their homes.

Outrageous. But really happening.

How did the decade and a half long War on Terror, led domestically by Homeland Security, become transformed into a War on Americans, with suspected lone wolf patriots and political extremists of all stripes, put under watch? How did things get so divided and so tense so quickly?

You only have to read the headlines and logged their buzz terms to know why.

*Article by Mac Slavo


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