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CZ Recalls All-American Single Trap Shotguns

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CZ is voluntarily initiating a safety recall for all CZ All-American Single Trap shotguns. The recall was initiated in an abundance of safety for its customers after it was discovered there is a potential for an unintentional discharge if the gun’s trigger is pulled with the safety engaged, or if the shotgun is dropped—even with the safety engaged.

The company emphasized in the announcement that the safety of its customers is of utmost priority, and to prevent the possibility of serious personal injury or death, owners of a CZ All-American Single Trap shotgun should immediately stop using it. In addition, do not load or fire it until it has been returned to CZ-USA inspected and upgraded.

CZ-USA will upgrade the CZ All-American Single Trap shotguns in the order in which they arrive. Although this recall affects all CZ All-American Single Trap shotguns, owners can also confirm their shotgun is included by visiting the special webpage set up by the company. Simply entering the firearm’s serial number determines its status.

CZ-USA urges all owners of a CZ All-American Single Trap shotgun to either visit the recall website, call customer service by dialing (913) 413-1812 or send an email to [email protected]. All three sources will provide detailed information about returning the shotgun to CZ-USA for the inspection and upgrade. The shotguns will be inspected and upgraded free of charge and CZ-USA is covering all shipping charges.

“CZ deeply regrets any inconvenience caused by this recall and appreciates the understanding and cooperation of our valued customers,” CZ COO Scott Shreiner said in the announcement. “We are committed to ensuring the highest level of safety and quality in all our products, and we thank you for your patience and for choosing CZ.”

Article by GUY J. SAGI

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