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Doctors Don’t Follow Their Own Orders

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Readers are likely familiar with doctors’ attempts to position themselves as uniquely qualified to dictate firearms-related policy. Professional medical associations have a long history of producing recommendations they claim are “evidence-based” without any actual evidence or, worse, acknowledging the lack of evidence but demanding the policy still be enacted. Well, it turns out surgeons don’t follow their own recommendations either.

Newly released survey results show that 42% of members of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) have firearms in their households, and self-defense is the primary reason. These statistics generally align with the general population. Surgeons are, however, “three times more likely than the general population to keep their household firearms loaded and accessible.” The ACS has recommended – if not demanded – that firearm owners be required to store their firearms in a prescribed manner. About a third (32%) of ACS members who own firearms store them unlocked and loaded – in direct contradiction to their own Association’s recommended requirement.

The irony does not end here. Another ACS recommendation targets “high capacity, magazine-fed, semi-automatic high velocity firearms” for reclassification as NFA items that would require a $200 tax stamp and registration, or to outright ban “civilian” access to these firearms. Semi-automatic rifles are incredibly popular among Americans. Surgeons are no different; 32% of ACS members who own firearms own these rifles.

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