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Mixed News On The Ammo Front

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Seven million cartridges destined for U.S. shelves were hijacked last month in Mexico by armed accomplices on a highway in Mexico, according to Associated Press. Theft of the two tractor-trailer loads fueled speculation the heist was the work of the area’s dominant drug cartel. A security analyst told the reporter more than 98 percent of the ammunition is not the preferred choice of the area’s criminals—.22-cal., apparently rimfire. The drivers were located later by authorities, alive, although their condition was not released.

The Arkansas Democrat reports that SIG Sauer has freed up 20,000 square feet of its ammunition factory in Jacksonville, Ark., to increase cartridge production. The company has also invested $2 million in upgrades to the facility, as well as purchasing additional machinery valued at $10 million.

Global Ordnance, based in Sarasota, Fla., recently announced it has begun importing ADI World Class ammunition—a new line of match-grade and ball cartridges—to the United States. The cartridges are manufactured by Australian Munitions, supplier to both the Australian and New Zealand defense forces.

“We are very excited about our partnership with ADI, especially given the recent ammunition shortages in the United States,” said Marc Morales, president and owner of Global Ordnance. “Having another source of high-quality ammunition to offer to our customers helps us keep up with the demand and bring more options to the end-users.”

ADI World Class Ammunition is match-grade and currently available in .223 Rem., .300 Blackout, .308 Win. and 5.56×45 mm NATO ball cartridges. More cartridge offerings are in the works and should be available sometime in the future. Australian Munitions has a long history of supplying high-quality powders and ammunition throughout the world. Global Ordnance has been an exclusive distributor for the company’s ammunition for more than three years, a line that includes the Australian Outback line.

Article by GUY J. SAGI

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