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First Look: 1791 Gunleather RVHX Holster

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There are many options out there for keeping your defensive firearm close by your side. Some people prefer the strength and durability of a Kydex holster. Others like the soft comfort of a hybrid holster. For some people, though, the great looks and style of a leather holster are just too good to pass up, especially when teamed up with a classic model of six gun.

1791 Gunleather is an increasingly popular holster choice for the American gun owner. Now they are adding the RVHX model to their lineup of premium leather holsters. The RVHX is a new take on their popular Revolver Belt Holsters (RVH), the RVHX is a version with a thumb break that provides Level 2 retention for your revolver. Whether you’re move about and are active while carrying your firearm or simply want an extra layer of security for your defensive firearm, the RVHX is a great solution for those who chose to  have a revolver at their side.

The RVHX-2S model supports K-frame sized revolvers with barrels up to three inches long, while the RVHX2 models works the revolvers with up to a 6-inch barrel length. The RVHX-1 J-Frame model was built with smaller revolvers in mind. All of these models are available in either natural leather or black.

The RVHX combines all the premium features you’ve learned to love and expect from 1791 Gunleather an added layer of retention. The holster is available in sizes ranging from small to large frames, and covering multiple length barrels. As with all of the holsters available from 1791, the RVHX series is handcrafted by leather artisans using only certified, premium steerhide.

MSRP for the RVHX lineup is $59.99. For more information on these new products and the other holsters and gear available from 1791 Gunleather please visit 1791gunleather.com.

Article by  SI Staff 

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