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First Look: Apex Competition Trigger Kit for Ruger Mk IV Pistol

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Apex Tactical Inc. is releasing a new Competition Trigger Kit for the Ruger Mark IV and Mk IV 22/45 family of rimfire pistols. This trigger kit is intended to replace certain factory OEM parts such as the trigger, hammer, and sear. After upgrading your Ruger rimfire with these parts, your handgun trigger will break cleanly at around three pounds. The over-travel and overall movement of the trigger will also be reduced by over 80 percent and 25 percent, respectively. This leaves you with a handgun that has a lighter and crisper trigger pull which will probably make you enjoy shooting your gun more than you already do, no matter if you’re at a shooting match or having fun plinking on a lazy weekend afternoon. Last but not least, Apex Tactical gives you a choice between purchasing a kit with a red or a black anodized aluminum flat faced trigger so you can leave your personal mark on your rimfire Ruger.

While the stock trigger in the Ruger Mk IV is quite nice, upgrading your factory Ruger trigger components with the Apex Tactical Competition Trigger Kit will boost your shooting performance and clean up your trigger manipulation, Apex Tactical also designed everything to remain within original factory safety parameters via the inclusion of a safety plate. In addition to this, Apex Tactical performed rigorous drop safety tests on their products to make sure this new trigger is safe for everyday use.

Apex Tactical also includes the optional steel “magazine safety delete” which allows competitive shooters to shoot their pistol without a magazine inserted. However, Apex Tactical recommends this particular component only for firearms to be used in competitive events, and only then if the sanctioning body allows such things.

For more information on this Competition Trigger Kit which has a manufacturer suggested retail price of $160 and other shooting accessories sold by Apex Tactical Inc, please visit their website at apextactical.com.


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