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First Look: Birchwood Casey Glock Tool

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Birchwood Casey announced a new multi-tool that it designed to help shooters perform a variety of tasks on Glock pistols. Called the Glock Multi-Tool, the new device offers a number of functions in a single tool that folds for easy carrying in your pocket. A specialized tool like this might also find a permanent home in your range bag.

The Glock Multi-Tool is a foldable unit similar to a traditional pocket knife that many of us carried in our youth. Instead of blades, the Glock Multi-Tool has a variety of useful tools that can be extended and used to maintain your Austrian pistol.

One of the standard tools is a 3/16-inch hex driver. This tool is designed to help you with removing the front sight on Glock pistols. As an added feature, the hex driver is magnetized. This should help to reduce the number of parts that go missing during your efforts to replace the factory Glock front sight with a metal or other third party option.

Also included as a folding tool is a 3mm armorer’s pin punch. The 3mm pin punch should cover all of the pins currently used in Glock pistols. The Birchwood Casey Glock Multi-Tool also includes a folding flat blade screwdriver. This screwdriver is designed to help you adjust the rear sight of an aftermarket sight and to pry the locking block or slide lock spring.

The remaining folding tool on this unit is a 0.050 inch Allen wrench. According to Birchwood Casey, the Allen wrench was included on the Glock Multi-Tool to allow the owner to make windage and elevation adjustments on compatible aftermarket sights.

The suggested retail price on the Glock Multi-Tool is $29.99. For additional information about the Glock Multi-Tool or other products manufactured by Birchwood Casey, head over to the company’s website located at birchwoodcasey.com.


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