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First Look: TRUGLO Intercept Rifle Scope with Expanded BDC Options

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TRUGLO is reintroducing its Intercept Rifle Scope for 2022 with a multitude of new features that give America’s rifle shooters and hunters a sharper edge and more options than ever before as they pursue their passions and heritage.

Perhaps the most exciting feature for this latest version of the TRUGLO Intercept Rifle Scope is that it ships with three interchangeable turrets. This optics package includes an MOA turret, a .450 Bushmaster turret, and a .350 Legend turret affording a vast amount of versatility in one box. The MOA turret ensures that the shooter receives precise bullet-drop compensation for any load, while the .450 Bushmaster and .350 Legend turrets are designed with the ability to swiftly adjust the scope with caliber ballistics and yardage built for those cartridges. This is a timely upgrade considering the ever-growing popularity of these AR-15 based cartridges which feature heavier projectiles with trajectories that span beyond standard distances.

Though it is shipping in its classic 3-9x40mm variable zoom and objective lens configuration, the new multi-coated glass includes an etched BTX IR duplex reticle. The BTX IR reticle grants the shooter the flexibility of eleven different illumination settings, and the clarity and contrast of the glass in this scope also gives the shooter an edge in low-light shooting scenarios. Once a zero is set on the Intercept Rifle Scopeits single screw turret design affords the shooter a smooth way to index windage and elevation back to zero. The body of this optic is comprised of a tough and scratch-resistant matte finish which is not reflective.

This new offering from TRUGLO retails for $169.99 and ships with a neoprene scope cover. It also includes a rubber-coated speed focus eyepiece and all controls are machined robustly to ensure positive manipulation in challenging environments. For more information on the Intercept Rifle Scope and other products from TRUGLO Inc, please visit truglo.com.




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