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First Look: Blocker Outdoors in New Terra Outland

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Blocker Outdoors and Mossy Oak have partnered to feature multiple garments in the Mossy Oak Terra Outland pattern. Whether early-season deer hunting, hunting pronghorn out west, or bull elk in the Rocky Mountains, Blocker Outdoors vows to have the hunter covered with multiple garments that work in any season or any hunt.

“Blocker Outdoors makes versatile, hardworking hunting apparel for any pursuit,” says Nexus Outdoors executive vice president of product, Dale Douglas. “So it’s critical that we offer our Blocker Outdoors customers a variety of camo choices that support concealment in the varied environments in which they hunt. But beyond effective concealment, camo selection is also a highly personal choice; it’s an identifier and a differentiator. Customers always gravitate towards something special, and our partners at Mossy Oak have consistently been able to push the limits to develop unique and cutting-edge patterns like their new Elements Terrra Outland. This exciting, authentic and abstract pattern used muted colors in new ways to blend in exceptionally in a wide range of environments and terrain. It’s going to appeal to a whole lot of hunters in many geographic regions, and we couldn’t be more excited to offer it across our lines for 2023.”

“Blocker Outdoors is a partner we’ve been thrilled to work with over the years, and they helped lay the foundation for technical, scent-control apparel for hunters,” said Chris Paradise, chief sales officer for Mossy Oak. “Being genuine, experienced hunters and outdoors people themselves, the folks at Blocker Outdoors know how to provide hunters with the gear we need in the many environments we face.”

Knockout Jacket and Pants

When hunting early-season, warm weather can cause the hunter to become sweaty, making scent control a top priority. Blocker Outdoors has created the Knockout Jacket and Pants to combat this.

The Knockout Jacket and Pants are made of quiet and lightweight polyester fabric that helps hunters stay cool. The jacket features stretch-fit cuff panels, a built-in safety harness port, and a sensible easy-to-access pocket design. The pants boast a six-pocket design for storing extra gear. Other features like articulated knees are designed by combining ergonomics and tailoring, contributing to comfort and movability while hunting. To help keep the hunter scent-free, the Knockout jacket features Blocker’s top scent-controlling technology, Cold Fusion Carbon, for maximum odor adsorption.

ScentBlocker Whitetail Pursuit Insulated Parka And Bib

Later in the season, hunters must contain their heat to ensure their hunt never gets cut short. Brought back by popular demand for 2022, the ScentBlocker Whitetail Pursuit Insulated Parka and Bib features improved Cold Fusion Carbon technology for maximum odor-adsorption by combining the odor-adsorbing power of activated carbon with the warmth, strength, and anti-microbial properties of natural wool.

Both articles are DWR treated to repel the elements. At the same time, body-mapped Thinsulate is strategically positioned for maximum warmth and the mobility needed to make the shot when the time comes.

For more information, please visit blockeroutdoors.com.


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