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First Look: Federal Hi-Bird Fiber Wad

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Federal Ammunition announces a new line extension to its Hi-Bird upland-game-hunting product line. Hi-Bird Fiber (Paper) Wad’s cellulose wad construction helps minimize plastic left in the field, yet still promises to offer the same hard-hitting performance as the original. It does this by utilizing two-piece, SoftCell construction, which decreases recoil while still maintaining patterns at distance.

“The patented design of the fiber over-powder wad creates an effective gas seal, and the paper shot cup is designed to prevent barrel/shot contact and improve pattern performance,” said Dan Compton, Federal shotshell product line director. “Additionally, the overall fiber/paper wad system design helps reduce a shooter’s environmental impact on high-volume shoots.”

The 12-gauge, No. 5 load’s high velocity (1,330 fps) and specially formulated lead shot—blended for optimal hardness—produce downrange energy and pattern density that efficiently takes down birds at most any commonly shootable distances. The 2 3/4-inch shotshells propel a 1 1/4 ounce load to devastating effect, particularly on pigeons, doves and upland game. Five-shot lead in particular provides a good balance between hard-hitting performance for larger birds like pheasants, and pellet count for larger patterns overall.

“This new product was motivated by a customer need, because certain ranges and areas are beginning to require plastic-free wadding,” continued Compton. “We also offer the paper wad in cartridges tailored for the dove hunting and sporting target market, such as our Upland Steel and Top Gun loads.”

While currently only available in 12-gauge, there is room for Federal to expand its offerings, much as they have done with other upland loads like Upland High Velocity and Upland Pheasants Forever, so sub-gauge enthusiasts should keep a weather eye. For more information on Federal Hi-Bird Fiber Wad, available in boxes of 25, visit federalpremium.com, where these and other Federal products are also available for purchase. MSRP: $24.99


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