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First Look: Galco Change Carrier

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It’s a harsh fact of life that we cannot carry our defensive firearm into many different locations. Those locations, however, are not free from life-altering violence, forcing us to still be aware of our surroundings and what our options might be.

In addition to this, having something that gives you more options than running away from the problem or talking your way out of trouble is always a good idea. This can be a problem in some environments, where things like pepper spray or defensive knives are not allowed. For those types of environments, having a dual-function defensive tool makes a lot of sense, as it can both save your life and make your life a little bit easier.

Galco’s new Change Carrier is a good example of this sort of dual-use item. Stylish and discreet, it’s a handy way to store loose change on your belt. Having a few quarters handy may not be as essential today as it was in years past, but if nothing else, the Change Carrier gives you a place to put the loose coins we receive as change from just about any cash transaction.

change carrier

The Change Carrier easily snaps on and off a belt or other strap, allowing for access to coins or a self-defense tool in an otherwise prohibited environment. Few EDC items will pass through security with the ease of a handful of change. But the Change Carrier unsnaps to become an innocent-looking – yet highly effective – impact weapon, more commonly known as a sap or a blackjack, for use when a social occasion becomes rather unsocial.

The Change Carrier is constructed of Sauvage leather and is available in black or tan. MSRP for this product is $59.00, and more information on this or other products from Galco is available at galcogunleather.com.


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