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First Look: Hogue K320 AXG Knives

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SIG Sauer and Hogue are teaming up to offer a matching line of pistols and pocket knives. Currently, SIG Sauer makes a version of its P320 line of pistols with a metal grip module. Called the Alloy XSeries Grip, or AXG, these handguns give the striker-fired pistols a more traditional weight and feel. For anyone that liked the P226, these guns feel perfect. Now Hogue is offering a matching knife for the AXG pistols.

Made by Hogue and branded by SIG Sauer, the new K320 AXG knives are offered with a number of options including blade type, blade finish and handles. At their core, the K320 knives are folders with a thumb hole for opening. All of the knives use an ambidextrous ABLE lock to ensure the blade does not fold on the user during hard use.

Blades are made of CPM 30V stainless steel – a high-quality blade material that is generally considered to be one of the better metals available for an edged weapon. Hogue offers the K320 AXG knives with two basic blade profiles: a drop point and a tanto point. All knife blades are 3.5 inches in length.

The K320 AXG Pro and K320 AXG Classic are available with black Cerakote finished blades in either drop point or tanto point configurations and plain edges. The K320 AXG Scorpion comes only with a partially serrated blade, but it can be had with either point type. The Scorpion also differs from the Pro and Classic as its blade has a flat dark earth Cerakote finish.

All of the knives have frames made of 6061-T6 aluminum. Handles vary depending on the model. For example, the Pro model uses black G10 laminate inserts with a reverse checkered texture.

If you like the look of the Hogue K320 knives, the suggested retail pricing starts at $219.95. For more information on the K320 AXG knives and other products, visit the Hogue website at hogueinc.com.


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