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Reloading Essentials

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A. The RCBS Brass Boss Case Prep Center features six variable-speed stations. It ships with tools for all six stations, including an inside VLD chamfering tool, outside deburring tool, small/large primer-pocket cleaner(s), small/large military-crimp remover(s), small/large primer-pocket uniformer(s), four diameters of case neck brushes and a tub of dry case-neck lubricant. MSRP: $229.45; rcbs.com

B. Featuring all dies needed for each stage of the loading process, the Lee Precision 9 mm Deluxe 4 Die Set includes unique features like one-piece reaming, wrench flats, a collet-held decapper, a finger-adjustable bullet seater, an elevated expander and O-ring locks. Contents include a carbide full-length sizing die, a bullet-seating die, a powder thru expanding die, a carbide factory crimp die, a universal shell holder, a powder dipper, instructions and load data. Each set comes with a two-year guarantee and lifetime warranty. MSRP: $77; leeprecision.com

C. In celebration of its 75th anniversary, Hodgdon’s 2022 Annual Manual is a 196-page compendium containing data for Hodgdon, IMR and Winchester smokeless propellants with more than 5,000 load recipes for handgun and rifle cartridges. This latest edition includes an additional 24 pages of data for the Accurate and Ramshot powder brands, too. MSRP: 14.99; shop.hodgdon.com

D. Hornady 9 mm Brass offers superb uniformity in wall thickness, internal capacity and weight. Each case is measured for consistently tight wall concentricity and run through a pressure-calibration test to ensure case expansion is completely uniform. Choose from numerous handgun and rifle calibers. Large quantities are also available. MSRP: $70.84 (per 200); hornady.com

E. The Dillon D-Terminator Electronic Scale offers the latest load-cell technology and features a 1,500-grain capacity. Its anti-static windshield protects your measured charges, while the included check weight ensures accuracy to +/- .1 grain or .01 gram. The D-Terminator has an easy-to read backlit display and can be powered by a universal 120- to 240-volt AC adapter (also included) or four AA batteries. MSRP: $149.99; dillonprecision.com.


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