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First Look: Safariland Solis OWB Holster

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Safariland provides safety products and duty gear designed for use by public safety officers, military, professional and the armed citizen. Now the company is rolling out the Solis, a new holster that is designed for use outside the waistband that combines accessibility with effective concealment.

The Solis accommodates subcompact duty pistols with lights and/or optics. The iconic ALS system secures your firearm automatically as it is holstered, allowing a fast, natural draw with the swipe of the thumb release as you acquire your shooting grip. The ALS retention system has been proven to work by law enforcement agencies around the world, and the addition of this system into this holster adds another layer of security for the armed citizen.

“Solis provides the familiarity of a Safariland outside-the-waistband holster but in a low-profile, easily concealed design,” said Eric Gasvoda, GM of Duty Gear for Safariland. “This new offering is a culmination of dedicated product development based on valuable customer input. Solis is an ideal addition to our outside-the-waistband holster family and provides a new carry option to the firearm and law enforcement community.”

The Solis is built from a durable, weather-resistant SafariSeven non-marking nylon blend that protects your firearm and is very durable. The holster’s open muzzle end design allows for easy debris removal and also accommodates threaded barrels.

Sarafiland Solis Features:

  • ALS secures firearm once holstered: simple straight-up draw once the release is deactivated
  • Compatible with most red dot sights
  • Compact light compatible
  • Two-piece reinforced holster body for increased strength

Current Solis holster models fit the Glock G43, G43X and G48 as well as the SIG Sauer P365 and P365XL. MSRP varies from $80 to $85, depending on the specific model. To learn more about these holsters or other products from Safariland, please visit safariland.com.


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