SIG Sauer is releasing a PRS-style rifle into its family of hyper accurate Cross bolt action rifles. The SIG Cross line was originally released with the rigors of both long-distance precision shooting and strenuous back country hunting.

The principal difference between the Cross Hunting Rifle and the new Cross PRS Rifle is that the former comes equipped with more portable barrels which measure between 16 to 18 inches, whereas the latter is offered with longer 24-inch barrels better suited for longer distance shooting. Both the Hunting and the PRS rifles will chamber the venerable 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester cartridges, and the Cross Hunting Rifle can also be had in SIG’s new .277 Fury.

The Cross PRS’s 24-inch, stainless steel barrels are free floated into a monolithic aluminum receiver. The two-piece M-Lok handguard also includes a steel, Arca-compatible rail which makes accessorizing these rifles extremely convenient. The steel stock on the Cross PRS is not only foldable and fully adjustable, but it was engineered to balance out the forward areas of the rifle as well. This type of balancing provides a smoother shooting experience, especially when assuming a prone position. The Cross PRS rifle is finished in an attractive concrete grey Cerakote finish. The two-stage match trigger that can be adjusted between 2.5 to 4.5 pounds to meet the shooter’s specific needs. Further aiding a shooter in precision work is a forward-angle, PRS-style grip with thumbrest selectors. A paddle release is used to remove the AICS pattern magazine, and the Cross PRS ships from the factory with two of them. The 20-MOA base that comes standard on the Cross PRS will integrate with SIG’s Sierra6BDX rifle scope and the muzzle threads are also optimized for SIG SLH suppressors.

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First Look: SIG Sauer Cross PRS Rifle