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H.R. 1808: 5 Days Left

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Last week, more than 250,000 patriots like yourself signed the Official Petition OPPOSING H.R. 1808, Nancy Pelosi’s “Assault Weapons Ban”!

Congress is back in DC again this week, and we need to flood the place with another 250,000, cranking the grassroots heat up even hotter!

This bill bans more than 200 types of firearms: Bushmasters, Barretts, Remingtons, Thompsons, H&Ks, SIGs, AKs, AR-10s and AR-15s, Mossbergs, Colts, SKSs, S&Ws . . . the list goes on for 64 pages.

Defeating Pelosi on this legislation would be a major VICTORY . . . help hold the line and KILL THIS BILL in the House!

Please sign your petition OPPOSING H.R. 1808!


AFA spent BIG over the weekend on social media, email, text and direct mail mobilizing gun owners in opposition to H.R. 1808.

We’re going all in this week putting pressure on weak-kneed Republicans AND Democrats who are riding the fence on this bill.

Congress goes on a 6-week recess at the end of this week.  We either win or lose over the next few days.

Please dig deep and make a generous contribution of whatever you can afford below so we have all the financial resources necessary to DEFEAT H.R. 1808!

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