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New For 2022: Springfield XD OSP Slide Kit And Slide Assembly Conversion Systems

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Springfield Armory announced the launch of a new series of slide kits and assembly conversions for its XD line of handguns, with the XD OSP conversion systems. Meant for the original lines of full-size XDs, the XD OSP (Optical Sight Pistol) Slide Kit and Assembly options allow owners of original XD pistols to convert their pistols to mount micro red-dot optics, just like the newer generations of XD OSP factory pistols.

These conversions have two different packages. The first is the XD OSP Slide Kit, which provides a complete full-size XD slide assembly with OSP cut, along with a recoil spring assembly, barrel and an optics mounting plate patterned in the Springfield’s Micro footprint. This plate adapts red-dot optics like the Shield SMSc, and provides a low enough mounting point for co-witnessing with the iron sights through the optic. Each slide kit comes with a 4″ 9 mm chambered barrel, which allows owners to convert their 4″ and 5″ XD pistols in 9 mm and .40 S&W to 4″ 9 mm OSP XDs.

The second offered is the XD OSP Slide Assembly, which only replaces the slide on 4″ XDs in 9 mm, allowing owners of these pistols to use their stock barrels and recoil spring assemblies with the new OSP slide. The XD OSP Slide Kit with 4″ 9 mm barrel and recoil spring assembly has a suggested retail price of $396, while the XD OSP Slide Assembly has a suggested retail price of $270. The XD OSP Slide Assembly is also offered with a Crimson Trace CTS-1500 red dot optic and optic mounting plate combo package for $369. For more information on the Springfield Armory XD OSP Slide Kit and Slide Assembly conversion sets, visit springfield-armory.com.


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