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HK VP9 Handgun Review

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Heckler & Koch VP9 is a relatively new entrant to the striker-fired handgun arena from the company that originated, and then stepped away from, double-action only pistols for decades. Maybe HK was waiting to have enough innovative features that could do more than replicate familiar ones in today’s market. If so, this is an impressive effort. There’s a lot to like about the VP9, and a couple things that leave a person puzzled. I’m going to hit the highlights.

At a glance

At 25.56 ounces, the VP9 is four ounces lighter than the Springfield XD 9mm, half an ounce heavier than the Glock 17, and 1.5 ounces heavier than the M&P 9mm. Its 4.09-inch barrel places it in the full-size category. If the abundance of concealment holsters available for this gun is any indication, lots of people are choosing it as a hefty concealment partner. On the frame is a sizable rail that allows for attachments of virtually any pistol light/laser accessory, expanding its utility as a home defense/bedside gun.

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