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Teen Who Built Gun-Firing Drone Arrested for Assaulting Cops

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It’s pretty obvious the system is making an example out of this guy to deter others from following in his footsteps.

Eighteen-year-old mechanical engineering student Austin Haughwout of Connecticut put up a video called “Flying Gun” back on July 10th that shows his homemade drone hovering off the ground and firing a semiautomatic handgun:

You know, the kind of stuff the military and police departments across America currently have right now. The kind of thing that could be easily built by pretty much anyone these days.

The video went viral and people began freaking out that a citizen could create such a thing. The FAA announced it was “investigating,” although no laws currently exist specifically against this.

Now Haughwout has been arrested and released on a $20,000 bond. The claim is the charges have nothing to do with the actual drone itself, but it goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that had Haughwout never uploaded that video, he wouldn’t have had any interaction with police at all in the first place.

According to Yahoo! News:

The charges have nothing to do with the drone, but stem from an incident last Sunday and a physical altercation with officers, the Clinton police department said.

He was arrested on Wednesday evening after being asked to turn himself in on an outstanding warrant.

Police said he refused to submit to arrest and that he hit and kicked at two officers “repeatedly”.

As a result he was charged with two counts of assault and a single count of interfering with an officer.

The arrest warrant also charged Haughwout with interfering with an officer and failure to obey an officer’s signal.

Really? Nothing to do with the drone, huh? Interesting that Yahoo! doesn’t state was the original warrant was for. Would the officers have even gone to this teen’s house had he not uploaded that video?

The bottom line here is, they had to find some reason to come down on the kid because there is no law against his drone gun. The system, apparently, feels threatened. Can’t have the plebs building the technology of the patricians.

As if anyone needs to be intimidated by the State in this case or made an example of anyway. Was this “flying gun” really a new idea singular to this teen? This is the natural evolution of drone technology in a country governed by the military-industrial complex and again, the military already has much worse than this. It’s not like the idea of a drone-controlled gun was a big secret or anything.

The only difference here is, the guy put a video up proving how easily it could be done.
*Article by Melissa Dykes

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