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After Jihad in Sydney, Australian Lawmaker says Tyrannical Gun Laws made a “Nation of Victims” & it’s “Unforgivable”

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In the wake of the jihadist taking hostages in a Sydney café earlier this week and murdering two of them, and Australian lawmaker blasted the tyrannical gun laws, similar to those in England, that led to the citizens he serves being turned into a “nation of victims.”

Sen. David Leyonhjelm of Australia’s Liberal Democratic Party said that if the hostages had been allowed to carry guns concealed there would have been someone who would have been able to stop him.

“That nutcase who held them all hostage wouldn’t have known that they were armed and bad guys don’t like to be shot back at,” Senator Leyonhjelm told ABC radio, according to the Guardian.

“We are all disarmed victims,” Leyonhjelm added.

He then spoke about Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson, who were reportedly shot by the Islamist just moments before police entered the café and shot him dead.

“It would have been illegal for them to have a knife, a stick, a pepper spray, a personal Taser, mace, anything like that for self-defence,” Senator Leyonhjelm said.

“To turn an entire population into a nation of victims is just unforgivable,” the Senator concluded.

I find it ironic that a Senator from the Liberal Democratic Party in Australia can get what his counterparts by the same name in America don’t get and that is that the right to keep and bear arms is a God-given right to defend one’s self and government has absolutely no business, including issuing concealed carry permits, in it.

Others, however, continued down their road of totalitarianism.

Acting leader of the Australian Greens Adam Brandt told ABC radio that a review of how Islamic jihadist Haron Monis acquired the weapon he used to take hostages and murder two innocent people should be the focus.

Why Mr. Brandy? We know he got it by illegal means, which means he broke your man made law, but you have absolutely no way to stop men from breaking the law.

Attorney-General George Brandis agrees saying, “If the weapon he had indeed was a banned weapon, then there’s only one way he could have got that weapon and that is illegally.”

“The question is not if the laws are tough enough, but the way in which the laws are enforced,” he added.

Of course, but the problem is that there should be no gun laws with respect to law abiding citizens. In other words, government should have no say in the sale and acquirement of a gun, period. If someone has engaged in a criminal act with a gun, then they should be dealt with lawfully.

Here’s an example. Instead of focusing on how Haron Monis acquired his gun. Why not hold a trial, find him guilty and then give him a proper punishment, ie. Execute him? Then we aren’t concerned about gun owner rights or any of the nonsense of tighter gun confiscation laws. We are merely interested in justice.

But the stooges in Australia won’t listen to reason.

The former Prime Minister John Howard rejected Leyonhjelm’s comments out of hand.

Howard claims that Leyonhjelm’s statement about arming citizens is a “very simplistic and flawed analysis.”

“The gun laws that were brought in after Port Arthur massacre made Australia a safer place,” Howard said. “Around the world those laws are praised.”

First, the statements of the senator are simplistic, but hardly flawed. They are common sense. Second, while many liberals, socialists and communists have praised Australia’s laws, it is not true that after putting in stricter gun laws Australia became a safer place. In fact, the numbers tell a different story. Violent crime always goes up when more gun control laws go into place.

Additionally, it should be noted how Australia had allowed the criminal Monis to exist in the country. The Age reported:

Mr. Monis moved to Australia from Iran in 1996 and received political asylum in 2001.

He had a history of more than 40 charges of indecent and sexual assault, sent offensive letters to the families of soldier killed in Afghanistan and was out on bail for being an accessory (before and after) to the murder of his ex-wife, by his then partner.

Court documents show that during a police interview in 2011 in relation to a stalking an intimidation charge that was ultimately dismissed, Mr Monis said he had previously had access to a firearm when he worked as a “security officer”.

“I had a licence then I went and got another licence … I was shooting at the target,” Mr Monis told police in the interview, a transcript of which was released to the media on Tuesday in a tranche of court documents.

So, by his own mouth, Monis told police in 2011 he didn’t have access to guns, but apparently he did. He was also engaged in criminal conduct and apparently no justice was brought to bear on him, which resulted in letting a criminal roam the streets. Mix a criminal mind with the ideology of Islam and you have a ticking time bomb to cause harm to other people.

It should be noted that Australians have been watching what is going on in the United States and have been warning us not to let our guns be taken.

While Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that he would “not rest” until he was confident Australia was safe as government could make it, he should be considering how government should be performing its proper role and administering justice against evil doers (Rom. 13), rather than infringing on the rights and duties of law abiding citizens.

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