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Man Shot after Exposing Himself and Attempting Assault on Female at Dentist Office

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A man was shot after allegedly exposing himself and chasing a woman inside a Houston, Texas dentist office.

ABC 13 reports:

Houston police say a suspect who allegedly exposed himself inside a southeast Houston dental office was shot Tuesday in the office’s parking lot.

Police say the suspect chased employees, and eventually the dentist at the office ended up shooting the suspect. The shooting happened just after 1pm in the 4000 block of Broadway at Moline St.

Apparently, a female patient of the dentist was attempting to leave on Tuesday, October 11 around 1pm when she was approached by a man who was exposed from the waist down.

After approaching her in the parking lot, the woman fled back into the dentist office. That’s when the man followed her and began to speak incoherently.

The woman, along with several other people in the office, locked the door to keep the man out, but that didn’t stop him from punching a hole through the door and chasing the people inside.

The man chased the dentist, Dr. Jay Elliott, to the back door where he discovered, to his surprise, the dentist was armed. The dentist pulled out his handgun and fired at the suspect after several commands from the dentist to the suspect were ignored.

Police arrived on the scene and he was taken to the hospital and treated for a gunshot wound.

“I just want to go home,” said Claudia Diaz, who lives nearby. “You never know, someone may come back and try to do the same thing. Especially because we’re two ladies working in this establishment.”

New Teeth Dental Office issues a statement concerning the incident:

“Today a female patient was leaving the New Teeth Dental Office when a suspect exposed himself and attempted to assault her in the parking lot. He was exposed from the waist down and chased her inside the dental office where she hid behind a locked door with frightened staff members. The suspect attempted to kick in the locked door and then jumped over the reception room counter. He threatened staff, patients and Dr. Jay Elliott. He chased Dr. Elliott down a hallway and out the back door. Dr. Elliott was forced to display his handgun and warned the suspect several times to stop chasing and threatening him. Dr. Elliott was forced to fire one gunshot at the suspect as he was in fear for his life. A relative of the suspect told police and others that the suspect was under the influence of PCP.”

Well, aren’t we glad the dentist was armed? Aren’t we glad this man’s Second Amendment rights were protected? I’m sure the gun grabbers in Washington would have preferred that this incident ended in a different manner so that they could use it as propaganda to advance their gun agenda.

Well done Dr. Elliott!

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