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New For 2022: Browning X-Bolt Target Pro McMillan

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Browning Arms has announced for 2022 it will offer its X-Bolt rifle, fully featured and with an improved receiver and components, optimized for connecting with long-range targets. The new X-Bolt Target Pro McMillan, as its name suggests, will come fitted with McMillan’s A3-5 carbon fiber gunstock, which is loaded with features for today’s discerning long-rage target shooter.

Starting with the receiver, Browning engineers set out to include accuracy-boosting enhancements through a stiffened and heavier X-Bolt-style receiver. As well, a brand-new Browning Target Trigger is included, which is touted for its lightweight pull-range that is adjustable from 2 to 3.3 lbs. A stainless-steel and fluted barrel comes from Browning on its X-Bolt Target Pro McMillan that is treated by a proprietary lapping process to ensure a uniform bore interior with polished chamber for match-grade performance. A bull taper is standard and measures 0.9” at the 5/8×24 TPI muzzle threads. Capping the muzzle is a Browning Recoil Hawg muzzle brake; a thread protector is included when to protect the muzzle threads when not in use.

As with previous Browning X-Bolt rifles, this latest iteration X-Bolt is a fast-to-operate action, thanks to its multi-lug Pro bolt with a fluted body, extended handle and large fluted knob. The gun’s 60-degree bolt travel is a hallmark of Browning’s rifle actions for decades and now has a lengthened handle for increased leverage and effortless movement. Browning includes a machined flat across the receiver that is timed perpendicular to vertical to serve reference for scope leveling and muzzle brake timing. Attached to the receiver’s top, via 8-40 TPI screws, a Picatinny rail section provides a built-in bubble level and recoil lug.

Browning spared no expense in the creation of its X-Bolt Target Pro McMillan centerfire rifle and at every corner of the gun is a factory-issued upgrade for precise downrange accuracy. Connecting the barreled action to the shooter’s shoulder is aided by a partnership with the McMillan Group and the A3-5 carbon fiber gunstock finished in Alpine Carbon Ambush camouflage. The A3-5 stock gives user adjustability in the unit’s cheekrest. The stock’s grip is vertical and hand-filling with mild texturing for purchase.

A Picatinny rail comes attached underneath the target-style fore-end, and the stock comes with QD swivel cups throughout. Browning’s Inflex 2 large recoil pad caps the butt and helps with recoil suppression. Feeding the X-Bolt Target Pro McMillan are detachable magazines from MDT with capacity for 10 rounds; Browning ships one with each X-Bolt Target Pro McMillan. The uniquely shaped, skeletonized bottom end houses a magazine release button on the right and a generous opening and guard around the Buck Mark-branded trigger.

At time of announcement, chambering options will include: 6 mm Creedmoor6.5 mm Creedmoor and .308 Win. Barrel lengths are set for 26”. The X-Bolt Target Pro McMillan measures 46” with an overall weight of 10 lbs., 12 ozs. Suggested retail pricing is $3,999.99. For more information, please visit browning.com.


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