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Product Preview: Hornady .452-cal. Sub-X Bullets

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Known for producing highly accurate and capable hunting and target ammunition, reloading components and tools, Hornady is now focusing on slowing down—bullets, that is.

The Subsonic eXpanding (Sub-X) projectile comes in response to a growing market trend and provides reloaders with a bullet that is optimized for low velocities. Sub-X bullets contain a lead core surrounded by a gilded metal jacket and feature the company’s patented Flex Tip for effective terminal performance at speeds as low as 900 f.p.s. A cannelure is included to allow for positive crimping for use in semi-automatics.

The .452-cal. Sub-X bullet weighs 395 grains and features a 0.300 G1 ballistic coefficient and a 0.276 sectional density. MSRP is $55 for 50-count boxes. For more information, visit hornady.com.


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