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New For 2022: Smith & Wesson Model 350 Revolver

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Smith & Wesson has introduced a new addition to its lineup of wheelguns for 2022, with the new Model 350 double-action revolver chambered for the .350 Legend cartridge. With a frame, cylinder and barrel made of stainless steel and treated with a satin finish, it weighs in at 71.5 ozs., unloaded. Its 7.5″ barrel has five-groove rifling, with a 1:18.75″ right-hand twist rate, and the revolver’s overall length measures in at 13.5″. A large port is included at the top of the barrel near the muzzle to help tame muzzle rise.

On top of the barrel and frame, the Model 350 comes with a red ramp front sight and an adjustable rear. Its fluted cylinder accepts seven round of .350 Legend, with moon clips included with each revolver to allow for faster reloads. Like most other Smith & Wesson revolvers, the cylinder rotates outward to the left side to open, activated by a latch also located on the left side of the frame. At the bottom of the frame, the Model 350 comes with a full-sized synthetic black grip, which includes texturing and finger grooves to assist in retention.

All of these features make for a revolver that is well-suited for medium game hunting, as explained by John Myles, Smith & Wesson’s senior manager of new products. “The 350 Legend is one of the flattest shooting straight-walled cartridges on the market today. It is great for medium-sized game and especially whitetail hunting. If you’re looking for a hunting revolver, the Model 350 is it.” The Smith & Wesson Model 350 has suggested retail price is $1,599. To learn more, visit smith-wesson.com.


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