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New For 2023: KelTec KSG410

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KelTec has announced a 2023 expansion of its bullpup KSG line of manually operated shotguns. The new KSG410 is trimmer, lighter and handier in every way and boasts an all-new chambering option never before seen in the KelTec lineup. The new KSG410 is noted as being “virtually recoilless,” making for a defensive arm that can be employed by the entire family.

Shipping later in 2023, the new KSG410 is in line to provide bullpup aficionados with the latest KelTec features. Built on the company’s award-winning pump-action bullpup design, the KSG410, with .410 bore chamber and 26.1” overall length, tips the scales at under 5.5 lbs., unloaded. Included is an 18.5” barrel and chamber capable of accepting up to 3” shells. Twin magazine tubes allow for five rounds in each, and with one in the chamber, the new KSG410 can hold 11 rounds of 3”, .410 bore shotshells.

The KSG410 design includes a monolithic carry handle and fiber-optic sighting system borrowed from the company’s KS7. The new pump-action shotgun is quite thin, too, measuring just 1.7” at its widest. Whether you’re hunting, plinking, training or prepared to defend the home, Keltec’s latest KSG bullpup shotgun presents an exciting offering in the array of new 2023 products. KSG410 MSRP is set for $495. For details, visit keltecweapons.com.



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