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New for 2024: Colt Python Blued 4.25″

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When Colt reintroduced its legendary snake gun in 2020, revolver fans immediately started clamoring for the return of the company’s classic blued models. Colt evidently took note, and has given the people what they want. For 2024, Colt’s Python is back in blue, with a 4.25-inch barrel. Dark wooden stock with the Colt logo medallion blend beautifully with the deep blue finish the original revolvers were so well known for. Of course, the firearm keeps six rounds of .357 Magnum or .38 Special on tap, depending on whether the shooter is plinking steel at the range, or fending off bears in the backcountry. For sighting, the revolver sports a red ramp front and an adjustable target rear, to keep shots precisely on target.

Python revolver on white

Inside, these revolvers make use of the same redesigned lockwork as the stainless-steel models, for an improvement in trigger pull over the originals. The top-straps has also been reinforced for strength, but manages to maintain compatibility with first-generation holsters.

Grazio holding blued Python revolver

For more information on these new serpentine six-guns, visit colt.com.



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