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New: Winchester Xpert Rimfire Ammo

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Winchester’s new Xpert rimfire ammo features a 42-grain copper-plated hollow point projectile that is optimized for accuracy, and is the perfect pairing for the Winchester Xpert rimfire rifle for which it shares its name. Additionally, the new load is a solid choice for any .22 LR aficionado looking for a consistent and accurate shooting option.

In addition to its accuracy, the 1,320 f.p.s. velocity of Xpert rimfire shoots flat and provides excellent energy for small game hunting. Regarding the latter, the energy produced by Winchester’s Xpert rimfire ammunition is 162 foot-pounds.

Whether plinking targets at the range or pursuing cottontail rabbits along an oak-covered ridge, Winchester Xpert .22 LR ammunition is an excellent choice.

The new Winchester Xpert rimfire ammunition is now shipping to retailers and dealers throughout the United States. You can find Xpert rimfire ammo—along with the full line of Winchester products—at an outdoor retailer near you and shoot with confidence this fall.

Winchester Xpert rimfire .22 LR ammo is available in 100-round boxes. Go to winchester.com to learn more.

Article by SSUSA STAFF


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