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NRA Continues the Fight Against I-1639 in the Court of Appeals

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In 2018, Washington voters passed I-1639, which banned the sale of semi-automatic rifles to 18-to-20-year old adults and to out of state residents—even transfers through FFLs in the buyer’s state.

The NRA and Second Amendment Foundation joined forces and challenged I-1639 in 2018. The court rejected Washington’s Motion to Dismiss our lawsuit in 2019, allowing the case to proceed. But the court ultimately upheld I-1639 in August 2020.

The fight continues. NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation appealed that decision to the Ninth Circuit and filed their opening brief today. “Young adults cannot be excluded from the protections of any enumerated right, including the Second Amendment,” the brief argues. “There is no historical precedent for depriving young adults of the ability to purchase semi-automatic rifles.” The brief further argues that I-1639 violates the commerce clause of the Constitution because Washington does not have “any legitimate state interest” in regulating the sale of firearms outside of the state.

Article by NRA-ILA

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