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Police Say this Texas Man did “What Every Homeowner” would do to Protect His Family

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Imagine yourself waking at 4 am by the sound of your doorbell ringing and an unknown man on the other side of your door demanding to be let in. That’s exactly what happened to a Texas man on Friday morning and it resulted in the unknown man taking a bullet to the chest as the man defended his family against the intruder.

WFAA reports:

A man who repeatedly rang a doorbell and knocked on a front door was fatally shot Friday morning by the homeowner after the two fought in a yard, authorities said Friday.

Before he was shot to death, the man repeatedly demanded to be let in the house, said Wise County Sheriff David Walker on Friday.

“The homeowner armed himself and went outside,” Walker said. “That’s when he saw a man trying to jump a fence that was between his house and his neighbor’s home.”

Walker said the homeowner called police to report someone was trying to break into his home before the shooting. The sheriff said investigators are reviewing the 911 tapes to see if the homeowner stayed on the phone throughout the entire confrontation and if the call caught the exchange between the homeowner and suspect leading up to shooting.

According to Walker the two began to fight while the man demanded to be let inside the home.

Sometime during the fighting, the homeowner backed away from the man and warned him that he was armed and told him to stay on the ground. The man’s wife and 14-year-old daughter were inside the house at the time.

When the unknown man would not listen and continued to approach and demand entrance to the house, the homeowner fired one round into his chest, killing him.

Police arrived to discover him dead on the front porch. They are now working to identify him.

According to the sheriff, a grand jury will convene to see if charges will be made against the homeowner. However, Walked said, “Right now, it just appears the homeowner was doing what every homeowner would do and protect their home and their family.”

Authorities are still unaware as to why the man was in the neighborhood and said there have been no break-ins or robberies. At this point they suspect the man was disoriented, but are unsure and are canvasing the neighborhood to see if they can discover any clue as to why the man would have been there.

When used lawfully, not only is the right to keep and bear arms to defend against government tyranny, but it’s also great for defending against those that may wish to do you or your family harm.

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