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Preview: Beretta 3032 Tomcat Kale Slushy

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Beretta introduced the tilt-barrel .32 ACP Tomcat to its pistol line back in 1996, with Covert models featuring extended 1/2×28 TPI-threaded muzzles—for compatibility with most 9 mm Luger muzzle accessories and suppressors—joining the family in 2020.

Now for 2023, the company has added a trio of new versions of the Covert with durable Cerakote finishes. The Kale Slushy (shown above) features a green slide and frame with green and black G10 stocks, while the Silver-Black Gorilla is Cerakoted black with matched black G10 stocks and the Ghost Buster is finished a stainless color with silver aluminum stocks.

These Tennessee-made semi-automatic pistols measure 5.25″ long and 3.75″ tall, allowing them to conceal easily and comfortably within a pocket holster, and their 17.5-oz. weight greatly dampens the already minimal recoil of the .32 ACP cartridge. Fireable in either single- or double-action modes, the Tomcat comes with a seven-round magazine, and the tip-up design of its barrel makes it easy to load an additional round directly into the chamber without needing to rack the slide.

MSRP is $649. For more information, visit beretta.com.


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