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Preview: Big Sky Precision PinUltimate Titanium

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Many folks who live in salt-laden environments know all too well the corrosive nature of sodium. Big Sky Precision, a Montana-based machine shop, is offering a solution to rusted-out trailer-hitch pins with PinUltimate.

Made from titanium, an ultra-durable, non-ferrous metal, the quick-release design makes securing a hitch quite simple, thanks to the company’s exclusive ConnecTrick release system and its clipless connector cap—depress the serrated, rectangular button opposite the cap and ball detents retract, enabling removal.

An internal O-ring helps prevent debris from entering the cap when installed. It is a lockable system to ultimately secure any load pulled by class III, IV and V hitches.

PinUltimate Titanium comes with a full lifetime warranty. Stainless-steel versions are also available. MSRP is $199.

For more information, visit bigskyprecision.com.


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