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Preview: Clamtainer Ammo Buddy Rifleman Value Bundle

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Clamtainer has simple organizational products that help make life more efficient. Whether you have a gun room that requires an update or are looking to eradicate mice from the ammunition closet, Clamtainer has a solution, and its Rifleman Value Bundle is one such answer.

Included with the Rifleman Bundle are: three .30-cal., 20-count boxes; four MAG.R, five-count boxes; three SM.R, 20-count boxes; and a 12-pack of Ammo Reloading Labels. The clear clamshell design of each box is lightweight, stackable and made to secure precious cargo individually within. Clamtainer products are made in the U.S. Suggested retail pricing on the package starts at $18. For more information, visit clamtainer.com.


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