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Review: Safariland Incog X Holster for Glock G17

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Safariland may be better known for their duty rigs, but there is also an excellent line of EDC holsters for folks like you and me. The Safariland Incog X Holster is just such an example. Unlike some of their other civilian holsters, this one relies on passive retention rather than the trademarked active retention systems found on some other models. Let’s look at how the Incog X IWB (Inside the Waistband) holster performed in my test, using my 5-point scale.

Design and Materials (4/5)

The Incog X holster immediately caught my attention with its minimalist design. It’s clear that functionality was a priority. Constructed from high-quality Kydex, it’s both rigid and durable. This material choice ensures your Glock 17 stays secure and protected and won’t warp or deteriorate over time.

Retention comes from a simple screw under the trigger guard. It was so tight when I first took it out of the box that the gun wouldn’t slide in. But after a quick adjustment, the gun slid in with an audible click.

The holster features a soft-touch layer that wraps the Kydex shell. At first, this looked like a nice touch that might add to the comfort, but I’m not sure it really does much. It’s aesthetically appealing but seems to serve no practical purpose. Not a complaint; just an observation.

Concealability (5/5)

Concealability is paramount for me when choosing a holster. The Incog X’s design shines in this department. It boasts a slim profile that sits close to the body, making it ideal for concealed carry. The design allows the holster to hug the contours of your body, minimizing printing.

I wore it under various clothing styles, from button-downs to hoodies, and the Incog X remained virtually invisible. No one was the wiser that I was carrying a Glock G17.

Comfort (4/5)

Comfort is subjective when it comes to holsters, as it depends on factors like body type and personal preferences. That said, the Incog X was relatively comfortable. The smooth edges and lack of unnecessary bulk prevent chafing and discomfort during extended wear.

Carrying a full-sized Glock 17 inside the waistband can be uncomfortable, regardless of the holster. The Incog X does its best to minimize this discomfort, but it’s still something to consider for all-day carry.

Ease of Use (5/5)

The Incog X is refreshingly easy to use. Taking it off and on is easy, thanks to two big plastic clips. Drawing and reholstering are smooth and consistent. It also provides a full grip for your draw, minimizing the chances of fumbling under stress.

Price (3/5)

The Incog X holster falls into the mid-range price category for Kydex holsters. While it offers a solid balance between quality and affordability, there might be better options for those on a tight budget. However, it’s a reasonable investment for responsible gun owners, considering its durability and functionality.

Final Thoughts

The Safariland Incog X Holster for Glock G17 is a practical choice for concealed carry. Its minimalist design, excellent concealability, and ease of use make it a reliable option for discreetly carrying a full-sized firearm.



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