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Should Citizen Militias Prep For Post-Election Mayhem?

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Last week in this space, I illustrated how liberalism has been nothing more than the soft-socialist wedge radical leftists have used over the last several decades to incrementally advance a megalithic socialist state. Further, that our 50 years of employing tolerance, fair play, guarded rhetoric and capitulating to liberal demands have given rise to the radical factions that are spearheading the budding communist revolution we see taking place around us, the most notable example being the violent demonstrations that are taking place in many of our cities.

Early on in the process, I pointed out the imperative for President Donald Trump handling this unpleasantness with extreme caution, lest his action or inaction be interpreted as tacit support for racism and police brutality against black Americans (the pretext being used to justify the rioting).

Recently, the failure of Democratic governors, mayors and other officials to act against rioters in these beleaguered localities prompted conservative commentator and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza to address the issue in starkly sobering fashion. In an interview earlier this week, D’Souza said that ongoing rioting could lead to the rise of citizen militias if societal tensions are not quickly deescalated.

Stressing the fact that he was predicting this possibility rather than advocating for it, D’Souza pointed out that otherwise law-abiding citizens will soon have no other alternative in the face of local governments and state governors allowing the rioting to continue (due to their ideological kinship with the rioters), ordering law enforcement to stand down while hiring private security teams to protect their persons and property.

D’Souza’s admonitions aren’t at all out-of-turn, either. As the rioting has continued in our major cities and expanded to many others, murmurings of civil war have become almost commonplace.

At this juncture, I am quite certain that many Americans would like to see someone – even citizen militias – decisively neutralize Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters. I would also not be surprised in the least if meetings have been taking places in community centers, churches, garages and other locations across the country in which distressed citizens are discussing their options. It is my considered opinion that citizen militias have not yet arisen for many of the same reasons that our president has been markedly reserved in meeting force with force, respect for the rule of law being chief among these.

I hold a couple of beliefs that I’m sure many of my fellow citizens will find controversial, even in the face of the communist revolution taking place under our noses. The first is that civil war – and all the unpleasantness this conjures – would be a far superior outcome to radical leftists gaining ascendancy. The second is that it is time for those perpetuating violence in our cities to be neutralized with extreme prejudice. I’m not going to attempt to justify these positions; they’re simply offered to provide context.

Given the unprecedented level of antipathy leftists have demonstrated for our president, the illegal attempted coup (impeachment proceedings) against him, the ginned-up anti-racism movement and the protracted rioting, it doesn’t take a political strategist to see that Washington Democrats and their surrogates (including the radical factions fomenting violent demonstrations) do not intend to suffer another Trump term, regardless of what the electorate has to say. Whether or not the rioting is halted prior to the general election in November, there’s every reason to believe it will either escalate or erupt anew when President Trump secures reelection.

Still, the possibility of citizen militias mobilizing to combat our internal enemies carries severe implications. The rise of citizen militias may in fact be the quickest route to touching off the civil war most of us would rather avoid.

We can take it as given that every voice on the left will cry out against tyranny, thuggery, racism and anything else they can think of the instant organized, armed citizens take decisive action against lawless rioters.

Then, there’s the dynamic at hand: The governors and local authorities who have refused to take action against violent leftists will demonstrate no such hesitation should militias take matters into their own hands. These agencies will quickly ascribe such action to white nationalism, and leftist governors will call out the National Guard (which falls within their authority) to crush the militias.

Thus, any militia organizer or commander worth his salt will be aware that the first order of business will be to remove the governor of a given state and replace him or her with whoever is in the line of succession and – more importantly – willing to take steps to keep the peace. With proper planning, such operations might be carried out with minimal bloodshed, but I sure wouldn’t put any money on it.

Which brings us to the next unfortunate potential: Any citizen militia acting against lawless state authorities will have to be prepared to neutralize members of law enforcement acting at the behest of those authorities. That is going to be a singularly difficult proposition for anyone who otherwise respects and supports law enforcement. Add to that the tactical proficiency militia members would have to employ to overcome trained law enforcement personnel, and one can see how this could get very messy very quickly.

As much as I would like to see these violent demonstrators crushed, I would rather see President Trump temporarily federalize the National Guard via executive order to deal with rioters, as when John F. Kennedy sent the National Guard to Alabama to help enforce school integration in the face of Gov. George Wallace’s resistance to same.

My final concern over the possible rise of citizen militias has to do with the unlikely possibility of a Biden-Harris win in November. If there are indeed citizens organizing and preparing for the worst, given the deportment of the left (including congressional Democrats) over the last four years, there may be many among them who’ve already decided that they do not intend to suffer even one Biden term, regardless of what the electorate has to say.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush


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