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Smith & Wesson Lowers Price On M&P Shield Plus

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Smith & Wesson announced that the company will be absorbing manufacturing costs associated with its Shield Plus pistol by $100 to $150, bringing the price down for consumers who are looking to purchase their next concealed-carry gun. In American Rifleman’s April 2021 review of the M&P Shield Plus, MSRP was listed at $553. According to S&W, consumers will be able to find the gun on store shelves for about $399. The company’s statement follows:

“Prices are increasing on just about everything these days—housing, food, gas—and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. At Smith & Wesson, we’re committed to serving and empowering Americans, no matter what. During these difficult economic times, we’ve decided to make a change. The Shield Plus, our most popular concealed carry series, will undergo a price reposition. We’re absorbing costs and passing along a lower price to help carry some of the burden because we don’t want people to have to compromise when it comes to quality and personal security. Dedicated to your freedom, equality and security. These are still our guiding principles after nearly two centuries of making firearms. We proudly stand with the rights of Americans to legally own a firearm, and so we’re offering up our best, at a more affordable price.”

Smith & Wesson’s Shield Plus, released in 2021, built on the tremendous success of the company’s earlier M&P Shield, which provided a flush-fit magazine capacity of seven rounds. The Shield Plus, with its “stack-and-a-half” magazine design, ups capacity to 10 rounds of 9 mm Luger. Since the initial introduction, the design has also been chambered for Federal Premium’s new 30 Super Carry cartridge, which increases magazine capacity to 13 rounds in a flush-fit configuration.


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