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Tennessee Woman Pistol Whips 2 Assailants with Their Gun at Gas Pump

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A Tennessee woman was pumping gas at a Memphis gas station when she was approached by an armed man.  After pointing the gun at her twice in an attempt to rob her, the woman decided to teach him a lesson and turned the tables on his criminal activity, but the man was not alone.

According to a police report, the woman was pumping her gas on Wednesday when an unknown armed man put a gun to her side and demanded her money and car keys.

The woman then pushed the gun away from her, according to the report, and spun around to face the suspect.

The suspect then pointed the gun at her chest and she immediately punched him in the face, took his weapon and beat him in the face with his own gun.

(Insert laugh track here.)

But the woman was not done.  The suspect had an accomplice that apparently witnessed what took place and ran to try to help his effeminate friend out.

So, the woman gave him a beating with the gun as well.  She struck him once in the face.

Police say the two men ran away from the scene and no arrests have been made.

Somehow, I have an incredibly comical scenario going on in my head when I hear this story, even though it is very serious.  This woman deserves to be praised for defending herself so well when others would have simply given the men what they wanted.

Even without using the gun in its most common way, this woman seems to have had no problem in her exercising her right to keep, bear, and use arms, even if they were someone else’s, to defend herself from the lawless.

I hope this will be a lesson to people that even if you are unarmed, you can still find a way to defend yourself courageously against criminals.

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